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Prism is looking for freelance pitches. We cover range of subjects, including voting rights and electoral justice, criminal justice, gender and LGBTQIA+ issues, racial justice, workers’ rights, immigration and the environment. Currently, Prism is covering these topics as they relate to the U.S. and U.S. territories. We accept reported news stories, features, and profiles (up to 1200 words), along with op-eds, commentaries, and short personal essays (700 to 900 words) on those topics and others that relate more broadly to our focus on reflective democracy.

Consistent with our mission, Prism aims to feature perspectives and stories not currently centered in traditional media, so we especially encourage pitches from BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+ people, and others from marginalized and underrepresented groups. Whether from emerging voices or experienced writers, we’re interested in well-researched, topical pieces with a compelling voice and strong narrative.

To learn more about the kinds of stories we’re looking for, check out the published pieces on our website and also check out the things we share on our Twitter and Facebook feeds to get a feel for the kind of work that moves us. Email pitches to pitch@prismreports.org with the word “Pitch” in the subject line. Include links to your previously published works if you have them, but don’t worry if you don’t—if you don’t have published clips to share, send writing samples that you feel best represent your voice and writing style. Please do not send drafts of your proposed article, whether in part or in full, for consideration. Pay for accepted pieces is $.40/word.

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