Call for Pitches, Public Education (freelance)


At Prism, we’re seeking freelance contributions to expand our coverage of racial justice and public education. Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has both uncovered and exacerbated the racial injustice and disparities that have long been defining features of public education in the United States. From the unfinished business of school desegregation—particularly in the Northeast—to inequitable resource distribution, achievement gaps, and biases in discipline, to outdated, whitewashed, and heteronormative curricula that feed distorted perceptions of BIPOC, it’s clear that the world of public education is due for its own racial justice reckoning. We’re seeking stories that not only examine the challenges facing BIPOC students within public education, but which also highlight how parents, teachers, school boards, elected officials, and other community members are organizing to meet students’ needs, and the innovative policy solutions, programs, reforms, and new curricula being driven by BIPOC. We accept reported news stories, features, and profiles (up to 1200 words), along with op-eds, commentaries, and short personal essays (700 to 900 words). Prism pays $0.40/word for freelance contributions. Please submit all pitches via email to pitch@prismreports.org, and include the words “Pitch - Public Education” in the subject line.

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